What we do

With a view of achieving integration and interoperability of Health Information systems, the activity is strengthening NHIS systems such as KHIS, KHMFL, MCUL, EMR/EHRs, LMIS, DSL and DATIM through system enhancement and facilitation of data exchange. To map out the different Implementation Partners in Kenya, HealthIT is developing and maintaining a reporting platform for USAID (PHES) and a Joint Partners Reporting Portal (JPRP) with Partner attribution of results in the KHIS. Data alignment for  PEPFAR priority counties has been an important task to achieve congruency of data reported in DATIM and KHIS. The activity is also closely working with Department of Children services (DCS) in system enhancement of CPIMS and with AfyaUgavi on Visualization of Malaria Data through Creation of Dashboards on KHIS. 
To build capacity in HIS systems, HealthIT has set up a lab and test environment at the University of Nairobi for system testing by software developers in the Health Informatics sphere. Additionally, HealthIT is building capacity at the counties to use NHIS systems mainly KHIS, KMHFL and  Intergrated Kenya EMR. To augment the face to face trainings in the counties, an online learning platform - MoH Virtual Academy - has been developed to enable users to have self-paced learning of the systems. This platform is comprised of a knowledge base and a web conferencing platform for interactive trainings and conferences. Sustainability of gains made through the University of Nairobi and MoH is being extended through a county proximate-university model aimed at addressing county HIS needs. The activity is therefore building capacity of the universities’ faculty and students through DHIS2 academies, generation of HIS research questions and HIS hackathons to enable them to provide technical support to the County Health Management Team. 

Research findings on Health Informatics track being supported by University of Nairobi School of Computing and Informatics are aimed at informing key national policies through collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other USAID SI mechanisms such as Tupime Kaunti. With a 24-month(Oct 2021-Sep 2023) project contract extension the scope of the activity has included: scale up of KenyaEMR for maximized patient care in USAID supported health facilities and development and inclusion of additional County Proximate Universities: Chuka University, Kabarak University and Technical University of Mombasa.